Product Information Management (PIM) 201 – Demo-ing The IBC Member Child PIM & Choosing The Right Online Platform

IBC is pleased to welcome Mark Farr, President of XOLogic, and Adam Casto, EVP – Sales & Marketing for XOLogic, who are going to give IBC members their first look at how an IBC member’s “child PIM” looks and functions.  Mark and Adam will also showcase the XOLogic ecommerce platform to get members started on their journey of what to look for in a platform to create the ideal online experience for their customers.  This presentation is a must-see for IBC members that have committed, or are intending to commit, to the IBC PIM initiative, as it will allow them, and key staff, to get an advance look at the XOLogic PIM tool and ecommerce options available to their company.


Nov 02 2020


Eastern Time
1:00 pm

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