COVID-19 Updates

We understand there is concern and many questions regarding the safety of the venue and events taking place at the 2020 IBC National Conference.  We are modifying agendas and events to stay compliant with social distancing guidelines and regulations.  In addition, we have added some unique events that will allow us to provide all companies with the experience and networking you have all come to expect from the IBC National Conference.   We appreciate your patience and understanding during these times.

If you have specific questions or concerns please contact:

Carrie DeFelice
Director of Operations
Direct: (860) 246-1618 x126
Cell/Text: (203) 812-9350

Stephanie Leister
IBC 360 Coordinator
Direct: (860) 246-1618 x144
Cell: (610) 633-9002

State of Florida Updates

The State of Florida has a 3 Phase reopening plan and is currently in Phase 2.  Come July 1, 2020, the State of Florida plans to be in their Phase 3 which allows restaurants/bars to be at 75% capacity.  We are working under the assumption come September the State of Florida will be back open at 100% capacity.

For details on the Florida reopening plan please click here:

To download a complete State of Florida Re-Open Florida Task Force Guide please click here

Venue Updates

Rosen Hotels & Resorts is committed to keeping their guests and associates safe during these difficult times. They continue to monitor and follow guidelines set by all health authority organizations and government entities. While they continue to seek professional guidance to determine the safest time and way to reopen, they have already updated some of their daily procedures to help maintain a safe environment.

Stay with Confidence

Across their eight properties, they have enhanced their processes by cleaning common and back-of-house areas with quick acting hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants considered effective by the CDC. Modified cleaning schedules ensure touch points and commonly handled items are disinfected more frequently throughout the day. In our common areas we have also displayed the CDC’s guidelines on hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and increased the amount of hand sanitizer dispensers. At the front desk, we’ve installed clear protective barriers to separate guests and front desk associates.

Housekeeping sanitizes each guest rooms with an electrostatic sprayer that uses hospital-grade disinfectants designed to kill viruses. Rooms remain dormant for 24 hours after cleaning before welcoming our next guests.

Bed and bath linens are washed at our computer-controlled and monitored laundry facility in water temperatures hot enough to kill viruses. Our laundering process also uses steam which further disinfects linens. We use detergents with chemicals that eliminate viruses as well. Even the carts used to transport linens from our laundry facility to each hotel are sanitized with fast-acting disinfectants. The computer-controlled laundry system monitors consistently and requires 100% compliance in order to operate. It is inspected several times a month by Ecolab.

Key management is kept up-to-date on the latest developments and our associates, who play an integral part in our efforts, are regularly briefed on the need for proper and consistent hygiene practices.