Best Practices for Round Robin Meetings

Do Your Research

In the Round Robin scheduling software, you can click on a company’s name—as depicted in the image—to find details about that company. This will help you identify the breadth of each company’s product offering and other information to consider when determining who you’d like to meet with.

If You Need to… Take a Pass

There are three (3) options for gauging your level of interest in meeting with each company (see image to the right). This allows IBC to determine the best matches for all involved. If you do not want to meet with a particular company AT ALL, select “I Do Not Want to Meet”. Keep in mind you can only choose this option up to eight times throughout the match making process.

By prioritizing the company’s, you want to meet with beforehand, you’ll be in good shape to make the best selections – thus, making the most out of your meetings!

Use Experience to Your Benefit

If you’ve met with a particular company at a previous National Meeting and the meeting was not as productive as you’d hoped, you may choose not to meet with them – or schedule a meeting for a different time. Change is constant and many of our distributor and supplier members are growing and evolving to meet the need of the industry.  Do your homework and use your Round Robin time to identify areas for mutual opportunity and growth!

Be Flexible

Remember: you’re not going to get ALL the meetings you want, but the Round Robin meetings aren’t the only venue to develop business. Consider networking over a meal, grab a drink with someone, or start a conversation at the evening social event on Monday.  There are so many opportunities for you to drum up business over the course of your time together.

To the left is a short tutorial on using the meeting selection software. It should clarify any questions or issues you might have. Click the video to the left to view it.